Working Groups

Different groups with different interests

We are different people with different interests. TCBL groups are places where those sharing common concerns can work together, develop ideas, and discuss the issues. Feel free to browse around and join the groups that might be of interest to you.

Make your own Group!

  • Would you like to collaborate with the TCBL community in your native language?
  • Is there a specific topic for which you want to share ideas with the TCBL community, such as environmental issues or technical fabrics?
  • Do you want to give visibility to your activity and explore possible collaborations with others?
  • Would you like to discuss a common need, such as finding the right skills?

The ideal way to do this is to create your own working group, just like the generic ones we have created for Business Labs, T&C Enterprises, etc. you see on the left.

Just click on the "+" sign you see on the top right of this page. You then choose a name for your group (in the language you want to use), select the images for the icon and cover photo, and click on "Create"!

Once your group is set up (and approved by the TCBL website administrators), take a tour of the Options drop-down menu just below your cover photo; here are some examples of what you can do:

  • decide who can join your group and who can see it, for instance only registered TCBL website members, private and by invitation only (hidden from view from others), etc.
  • invite TCBL website members or anyone with an email address to join your group (if they're not registered on TCBL, they'll be invited to sign up)
  • open group-specific forum discussions and add photos to the default pages that appear in your group menu
  • add other pages to the group menu, with just about any kind of content you wish, using the built-in templates so you don't have to be a web designer
  • manage the members of your group, assigning administration priviledges to others so you can share the workload of managing the group space

In short, you have the possibility to create your own community space within the TCBL website, and use that space to promote your business and engage with others to build new business models.

Go ahead and explore: you can always delete a group if it doesn't work they way you thought it would. And feel free to ask for support and advice about building your own thematic or business community in TCBL.