Fun, fast, informing and challenging boundaries.Textiles and clothing organisations came from all over Europe to showcase their products and services and explain how they could do business with you!

  • 4 presentations by TCBL Labs from Romania, Italy, Greece and Portugal
  • 4 presentations by Creative Hubs from the Interreg-MED CreativeWear Project, a sister initiative of TCBL, based in Italy, Slovenia, Spain, and Greece.
  • 12 presentations from T&C businesses who have joined the TCBL network of Associate Enterprises, from Greece, Slovenia, Italy, France, and Portugal.
  • 4 presentations from organisations joining the TCBL consortium from Spain, Romania, Belgium, and France.

4 90-minute rounds in 2 Jam Sessions present a mixture of 1 Labs, 1 Hub, 3 Enterprises and 1 new TCBL partner in 5 minute chunks, followed by discussion and interaction.

This year, the Jam sessions are paralleled by two technical sessions:

  • TCBL_Hack looks at the tools available for the TCBL Open Platform and discusses service integration with TCBL Associate Service Providers.
  • TCBL_Startups presents the startups programme with presentations from the three top rated winners of this year’s Call.

Jam Session One


Round one

  • REDU TCBL Lab (Romania)
  • CreativeWear Crowd Hub (Palermo)
  • Varvaressos SA
  • Prato Expo
  • Dolejsi Modni Gumbi
  • New TCBL Partner: Fab Textile


  • Gabriela Stoica (ppt)
  • Luca Leonardi (ppt)
  • Giannis Tzortzis (ppt)
  • Fabio Fontani (ppt)
  • Natasha Doleci (ppt)
  • Anastasia Pistofidou (ppt)


Discussion and interaction



Round two

  • TCBL Lab and CreativeWear Heritage Hub: Textile Museum of Prato (Italy)
  • CreativeWear Social Hub (Slovenia)
  • Variazioni
  • Clea Polar
  • Feltrando
  • New TCBL Partner: Reginnova NE


  • Francesco Bolli (ppt)


  • Karin Cikic (ppt)
  • Simona La Torre (ppt)
  • Clea Polar (ppt)
  • Filomena Almeida (ppt)
  • Gabriela Iftode (ppt)


Discussion and interaction


Jam Session Two


Round three

  • TCBL Athens Place Lab
  • CreativeWear Tech Hub (Spain)
  • Tsiakiris Silk
  • Trafi Creatività Tessile
  • New TCBL Partner: CENTEXBEL


  • Takis Lybereas (ppt)
  • Luca Cappelli (ppt)
  • George Tsiakiris (ppt)
  • Acácio Coelho (ppt)
  • Fabio Giusti (ppt)
  • Guy Buyle (ppt)


Discussion and interaction



Round four

  • Oliva Creative TCBL Lab (Portugal)
  • CreativeWear Art Hub (Athens)
  • Kourbelas
  • Tashka
  • Dali Sport
  • New TCBL Partner: IFM


  • Carla Relva (ppt)
  • Dimos Papakonstantinou (ppt)
  • Pantelis Kourbelas (ppt)
  • Alenka Zumbar Klopcic (ppt)
  • Miha Svetina (ppt)
  • Danièle Clutier (ppt)


Discussion and interaction




The TCBL Open Platform

Dieter Stellmach, Marlis Heck, DITF (ppt)


TCBL Cloud Services

  • Single Sign On and Activity Logging
  • Gamification



New TCBL Platform Partners

  • Sqetch
  • Cleviria


  • Wiebe Poelmann (ppt)
  • Corrado de Castro (ppt)


Hand-on experimentation: open invitation

Supported by the implementation experiences of TCBL platforms: vDiscover, bpSquare, Sqetch, Cleviria, Labs Platform, etc.


Experience sharing




The TCBL Startups Call

Luca Leonardi, ARCA (ppt)


Startup Support Measures

Simon Delaere, imec (ppt)


Startup Presentations

  • TexTour
  • Zingales
  • EGO


Tommaso Lorenzetti, Invenio (ppt)
Vincenzo Zingales (ppt)
Valentina Rovetta (ppt)


Round Table Discussion