TCBL_Live will feature inspirational speakers giving talks on key issues affecting the sustainability of the textiles and clothing sector in Europe. Provocative and thought provoking, these talks will open your eyes to some new or different possibilities to create business, innovate and collaborate.




Niki Ernst, IACy





Measuring Social Value

Olinga Ta’eed, CCEG (no ppt used, but similar ppt)


Is the clothing business a tech business?

Pavlos Maniatakis, MIRTEC (ppt)


Ethical Fashion and how to communicate your sustainable brand

Dimitris Grammatikogiannis / Andriana Sakka, Ethical Ode (ppt)


Networking break

During the break, video interview with Sakina M’sa


Humans First



Are you still buying 2 Euro t-shirts?

Dr. Fiori Zafeiropoulou, SOFFA (ppt)


What about tomorrow?

Ista Boszhard and Cecilia Raspanti, Waag Society (ppt)


Circular Economy

Jade Wilting, Circle Economy (ppt)


Olinga Ta'eed

Professor Olinga Ta'eed PhD FIoD is Director of the not-for-profit Think Tank, the Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance <>  focusing on the Movement of Value with 60000 members, 7000 Heads of CSR of the world’s largest companies and 2000 politicians. He retired in 2008 from a successful private sector life at that time with 12 companies including NASDAQ and AIM stock markets, and 9000 staff - 2 mobile phone companies, 3 Sky TV channels, residential ballet school, etc.  In retirement he has become an academic as Professor in Social Enterprise at the University of Northampton <> , Visiting Professor in Capacity Development at Birmingham City University <> , Chairman of university spin-out Seratio Ltd <> , and Editor of Social Value  <> & Intangibles Review. Olinga was Impact Investment Advisor on Big Society to the UK Prime Minister David Cameron 2011-2014, has spoken at The Vatican <>  and is a world authority on the measurement and transaction of non-financial value. In 2011 he developed the Social Earnings Ratio <>  which became the most rapidly adopted impact metric in the world to capture intangible value, and in 2016 launched the IoV Blockchain Alliance for Good <>  and the CCEG Blockchain UN Lab <>  to transact intangible value. He chairs several EU groups including EU PROCUREMENT FORUM: Social Value & Transparency in Supply Chains, and EU SEiSMiC Social Value group. 

Pavlos Maniatakis

Pavlos Maniatakis is a textile technologist currently working for Mirtec SA, a technological center, active in applied research, technological development, certification and quality control in a wide range of materials and products. Previously, Pavlos worked in different positions in the clothing/fashion industry, both in Greece and in the United Kingdom. He holds a degree in Textile Engineering as well a MSc in Fashion Marketing.

Dimitris Grammatikogiannis

Fashion editor-stylist-trendsetter

Dimitris was born in 1968 in Ilioupoli, Athens. He studied fashion design at PANSIK Fashion School, where he was later a Professor for Styling for two years there, at AKTO art & design and continued studying clothes and styling at Lorenzo de 'Medici (Italian International Institute) in Florence and Central Saint Martin's College Of Art & Design in London respectively.

He has been professionally engaged in advertising both on television and in print, music video clips and corporate advertising campaigns. He has worked with many magazines as a Fashion Editor and Stylist such as KLIK magazine, Lipstick, Glam and Style, PLAYBOY, BODYdonna, BHMAmen, People, Traveler's Icons, Conde Nast Traveler etc. For the last three years he is  Fashion Editor at Athens Hilton Magazine and Golf And Leisure (in the Glyfada Golf Magazine) and manages the site

His orientation on fashion has always been sociological, political and ecological.

Fiori Zafeiropoulou

Fiori is an academic and a social entrepreneur; holds an award winning PHD on Social Franchising & Entrepreneurship from Brunel Business School (BBS), UK. Candidate Post-Doctorate  Researcher  at Athens University of Economics & Business (AUEB) where she is also Lecturing Social Entrepreneurship; Holds an MBA BBS; BSc in Ec. AUEB. Actively involved in business incubators and the start-up entrepreneurship ecosystem in Greece. Executive Producer of the first TV Show for startups and social enterprises in Greece. Founder & CEO of Social Fashion Factory providing integration into work and entrepreneurship to refugees and trafficked immigrants; Co-Founder of a platform matching refugees with employers. She is the Country Coordinator of the global movement Fashion in Greece. Founder & President of The Social Growth Incubator. Fiori designed n’ leads the EU funded Erasmus+ multi-country programmes for the incubation of “Social & Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneurs” and the “Social Growth for Trafficking and Refugees”. Her research is being published in conferences, journals and books around the globe. She was invited at the Skoll World Forum 2016 on Social Entrepreneurship in Said Oxford University, SOFFA was shortlisted for the Skoll Venture Award’16, Won sponsorship at Web Summit 2016. She was the Start Up Europe Week 2016/2017 ambassador in Athens. She is a trained facilitator in design thinking methodologies. Designed The Diploma for Social Entrepreneurship at City Unity College. Founded her first company Zita Social in London in 2003 while doing her MBA. Watch her TEDx talk ‘Are you still dreaming how to be a Doer?”, documentary ‘Learning from Abroad’ Follow her Twitter FB LinkedIn  #soffagr #thenestgreece #fiorizita;

Ista Boszhard

Ista Boszhard works as concept developer at Waag Society where she co-founded TextileLab Amsterdam. She worked on educational innovation at the University of Applied Sciences (HvA) and as a teacher at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) which she is both still connected to.

In 2011, she graduaded at the University Utrecht (UU) - master Creative Design, after her bachelors Design at the AMFI and Cultural Sciences at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). She likes to question what we're used to, empower and connect people (makers of change), explore possibilities, offer new / relevant perspectives and to combine intuition and research.

Cecilia Raspanti

Cecilia Raspanti is a fashion/textile designer and digital fabrication expert. She is the co-founder of the TextileLab Amsterdam and co-initiator of the educational  program TextileAcademy at Waag Society. She leads the creative research and technological development of new concepts and alternatives for the textile and clothing industry. Experienced in fashion and textiles, she focuses on translating traditional craftsmanship techniques and small production processes into digital fabrication opportunities to facilitate access to these technologies. Always inspired by human’s connection to nature and technology, her latest work involves research towards more sustainable solutions for dyeing in the textile and clothing industry.

Jade Wilting

Jade Wilting has a Bachelors degree in Law and Psychology from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg South Africa as well as a Bachelors in International Fashion Management from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Jade worked in Hong Kong and witnessed firsthand the effects of fast fashion, both socially and environmentally. Her South African background made her acutely aware of the western take-make-waste mentality in Europe and Asia and she believes that the circular economy is necessary and inevitable. Within Circle Economy’s Circle Textiles Programme, Jade is involved in developing and commercialising two key projects, the Fibersort and Circle Market.