TCBL aims to build an innovation ecosystem to renew the European textile and clothing sector. We explore new ways to design, make, and do business together. #TCBL_2017 invites you to participate in our yearly event, articulated in nine different formats, to find out how the textiles and clothing sector is responding to major change.

  • You will be exploring new technologies and trends that shape innovation today, linking innovation to tradition.
  • You will be looking at new directions for the industry, driven by consumer choices and customisation, the environment and new technologies, with a range of provocative speakers offering new perspectives on these issues.
  • You will be looking at how participants in the TCBL ecosystem from all over Europe think how this might work in practice, developing new business models and collaborative ventures along the way.

Above all, you will meet and become part of the TCBL community, breathing in the capacities and energies of one of the Mediterranean and the dynamic developments happening in Greece.

The formats that make up #TCBL_2017 offer different ways for your to see, learn and interact.

Event Modules

TCBL_Talk is our conference-style module with keynote speaker presentations and round table discussions.

You’ll be able to learn about the latest trends in T&C and on-going activities in the TCBL project.

Morning, Tuesday June 20th  Detailed programme and speaker profiles available here.


TCBL_News will give you an update on developments in the TCBL project.

This year, we'll focus on the six Business Cases and their benefits to participating TCBL Associates.

Morning, Tuesday June 20th..


TCBL_Live is a TED© style series of provocative, live presentations about general trends and issues shaping our future.

World class thinkers will provoke your imagination with the latest scientific discoveries and reflections about where we’re going.

Afternoon, Tuesday June 20thDetailed programme and speaker profiles available here.


TCBL_Work allows you to interact with local artisans in textiles and clothing.

This year the focus is on silk, and is organised by the Athens Silk Museum.

Afternoon, Tuesday June 20th. A special session for Art Students in parallel with TCBL_Live.

Afternoon, Wednesday June 21st. The session open to all #TCBL participants. 


TCBL_Jam is a series of interactive workshops that explore different dimensions of business model innovation.

TCBL Labs and Enterprises exchange perspectives on Design, Making and Place Labs.

This year, TCBL_Jam will also include a Hack session for those interested in the workings of the TCBL Open Platform.

Morning, Wednesday June 21st.Detailed programme available here..


TCBL_Look is our yearly update on fashion design from the TCBL community.

No catwalks, but videos and exhibits to show what local creatives are producing.

Morning, Wednesday June 21st. Exhibition is free of charge. 


TCBL_Next is our welcoming ceremony for the new community members: Associate Labs, Associate Enterprises, Associate Advisors and Associate Service Providers.

We take this opportunity to sum up the experience of two days and announce the venue for #TCBL_2018.

Morning, Wednesday June 21st.


TCBL_Local takes you to visit production facilities in the surrounding area where fibres, textiles, and clothing are born and made.

You’ll be able to get a look inside the factories, meet the people to work there, and get a feel for the T&C tradition in your hosting territory.

Afternoon, Wednesday June 21st.Indicate your preferences when registering.


TCBL_Meet is the opportunity for out-of-town T&C Enterprises to meet up with businesses in the Athens area.

This opportunity is only available to TCBL Associate Enterprises and Associate Advisors participating in the conference, and arranged directly with TCBL partners.

Afternoon, Junes 21st.

Draft Agenda

Following is the draft agenda for the two days.

Day One: Tuesday, 20 June, 2017

Venue: Gazi-Technopolis Amphitheatre





Welcome Addresses


Four keynote speakers. Theme: Sustainable Consumption and Production in Textiles and Clothing

Coffee Break 12.00-12.30



TCBL Project Overview


TCBL Business Cases

  • Natural Cotton
  • Short Runs
  • Eco-production
  • Bacteria Dyeing
  • Virtual Heritage
  • Independents


Round Table Discussion with the TCBL Advisory Board


Open Discussion

Lunch at the Gazi Canteen 14.00-15.30



Six speakers with TEDx-type presentations on a range of issues regarding sustainable fashion.


Day Two: Wednesday, 21 June, 2017

TCBL_Jam Session One


Registration and exposé


Jam Session One

  • TCBL_Jam: Labs, enterprises, creative hubs, and new partners
  • (in parallel) Hack session with the TCBL Open Platform



Coffee, networking and a guided tour of the exhibition of local initiatives plus the work of local design students

TCBL_Jam Session Two


Jam Session Two

  • TCBL_Jam: Labs, enterprises, creative hubs, and new partners
  • (in parallel) Startup pitches



Welcoming ceremony for new TCBL Associates


Announcement of #TCBL_2018

Lunch at the Gazi Canteen 14.00-15.30

Afternoon Day Two: Parallel Events from 15.30 to 18.00


A silk workshop organised by the Athens Silk Museum.


Visits to local T&C places of interest organized by HCIA


Face to face business meetings for TCBL Associate Enterprises